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  • “Opportunities in every direction I look.”

    “Opportunities in every direction I look.”

    That’s the view from here.


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  • “Conducting research right from the start.”

    “Conducting research right from the start.”

    That’s the view from here.


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  • “Redefining global perspective.”

    “Redefining global perspective.”

    That’s the view from here.


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  • “Stepping into the spotlight, again and again.”

    “Stepping into the spotlight, again and again.”

    That’s the view from here.


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Carthage Events
  • 12 Places

  • 1. The Stu

    The Campbell Student Union is open 24-7. Grab a pod chair in the Campus Living Room, a table in the dining room, or a group study room upstairs.

  • 2. On the beach

    Who says the first draft of your English paper can’t be a great beach read?

  • 3. On the lawn overlooking the water

    Set up camp on the grass overlooking the water. Jessica Foderaro ’17 sent us this photograph.

  • 4. In the library, of course

    Grab a friend. Grab a table. Plug in your laptop. Go.

  • 5. Library computer lab

    Double the tech, double the productivity.

  • 6. Practice rooms in JAC

    The Johnson Arts Center has dozens of practice rooms. Music majors joke they live here. Sometimes the music is the work; sometimes the music helps you work.

  • 7. The Caf

    Obsessing over a project? Don’t stop studying just because your stomach needs food. Plenty of people bring their books to the cafeteria.

  • 8: Einstein’s

    Einstein Bros. Bagels in Hedberg Library is a great group study spot. Fireplace. Food. Room for friends.

  • 9: Clausen Center Couches

    The tiered couches in the A. W. Clausen Center for World Business are perfect for group assignments, or for reviewing in the moments before class.

  • 10: By the Volleyball Court

    Grab a bench and get the work out of the way. Grab a ball when you’re ready to play.

  • 11: Starbucks Solo

    Get a table by the big plants, students suggest, if you need to work alone.

  • 12: Starbucks with Friends

    Check that out: Sipping from an iced cappuccino without missing a keystroke.

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Carthage News

This is

Founded in 1847, Carthage College is a four-year private college of the liberal arts and sciences, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Take a virtual tour.

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in the country for student participation in short-term study abroad

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