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  • “Opportunities in every direction I look.”

    “Opportunities in every direction I look.”

    That’s the view from here.


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  • “Conducting research right from the start.”

    “Conducting research right from the start.”

    That’s the view from here.


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  • “Redefining global perspective.”

    “Redefining global perspective.”

    That’s the view from here.


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  • “Stepping into the spotlight, again and again.”

    “Stepping into the spotlight, again and again.”

    That’s the view from here.


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Carthage Events
  • 1. Kim Greene

    “As a working artist who is well-versed in many media, she encourages students to play and explore with familiar and unfamiliar materials. From her, I have learned to not underestimate what my hands are capable of creating.”
    — Sonia Vazquez ’17
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  • 2. Ed Montanaro

    Modern Languages, Economics
    “All of my professors at Carthage have had a huge impact on me. Prof. Montanaro has been the most helpful to me as he continues to push me to exceed even my own expectations.” — Jessie Bingman ’16
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  • 3. Jean Quashnock (Dr. Q)

    “It never ceases to amaze me how high-energy his lectures can be, and they are always paired with interactive labs and group studio problems. He can get important physics lessons and theorems across to his students in a fun way, yet still have them successfully retained.” — Daisy Bower ’16
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  • 4. Jacqueline Easley

    “Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching is immeasurable. She continuously challenges me to think outside of the box and pushes me to be the best teaching candidate I can be. I know I can count on her for guidance both now and in the future.” — Natalie Miller ’16
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  • 5. Corinne Ness

    Theatre Performance and Music Theatre
    “Having Corinne Ness as a mentor and vocal professor has changed my life and trajectory as a performer. She runs our program with grace and passion, and manages to take care of each of her students’ individual needs. She has helped me grow as a performer and as a human. I am forever grateful for the impact she has made on my journey here at Carthage.” Macee Jo Mueller ’16
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  • 6. Amareshwar Singh

    “I enrolled in his Cancer Biology course my freshman year. He is very down-to-earth and he is doing great things in the cancer research field, as well as staying connected and helping to inspire students like me!”
    — Chelsea Reuter ’16
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  • 7. Leslie Cameron

    Psychological Science
    “She brings an energy and excitement to learning that makes me want to attend her class. Hers is at 8 a.m., so to inspire me enough to go to an early course says a lot! She is understanding, helpful, and a wonderful professor. I am privileged to know her.” — Dara Zucker ’16
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  • 8. Tim Eckert

    “I had heard a lot of horror stories about Organic Chemistry from other people and was nervous about taking it. From day one, Dr. Eckert made the lectures fun and informative. I found that with his way of teaching, I was grasping the different concepts quickly and was able to apply them to the homework.” — Tina Mihm ’17
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  • 9. Tracy Gartner

    Environmental Science
    “Prof. Gartner is one of my favorites for always supporting me and being enthusiastic about life.”
    — Garrett Fales ’16
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  • 10. Mimi Yang

    Modern Languages
    “Many of the professors I’ve had were fantastic and they have helped me in so many ways. I do have to make a special shout-out to Mimi Yang for helping me grow and mature here at Carthage.”
    — Jeremy Chapnick ’16
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  • 11. Rick Matthews

    Sociology, Criminal Justice
    “He has a fresh perspective on everything. He teaches in a way that does not even feel like he is lecturing.”
    — Andrea Miranda ’16
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