• Use Ampersands in Page Titles, Menu Items — Use “&” not “and” in all page titles and menu items. This will have URLs not include and. Example: “Exploration & Mentorship” within Why Carthage section. Page title is “Exploration & Mentorship.” URL is /why-carthage/exploration-mentorship
  • For contact and staff pages — Use “Contact Us.” The URL should be /contact-us

Majors & Minors Pages

  • Course Descriptions page —
    • Add all relevant courses in manually from the 2021-22 College Catalog. See example page for guide on formatting.
    • Spell out “credits” instead of using “cr” as used in the catalog. 
    • ALL courses listed in the degree requirements should be listed on Course Descriptions page (for example, for Allied Health Science, we should be listing the AHS courses AND any other courses students need to take to complete the major, not just AHS courses). See Sam for clarification if you have questions. 
  • Degree Requirements —