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Joshua Atlas With his contagious smile and endless kindness, Joshua Atlas ’24 made an impact on everyone he connected with on campus.

The Carthage community suffered a significant loss when Joshua, a 19-year-old sophomore from Downers Grove, Illinois, passed away on April 15.

A great friend and teammate

As they grieve, Joshua’s many friends and teammates are remembering him for his kindness, energy, and passion.

Joshua, a finance major, was a cross country and track and field team member during his freshman year. Although he only participated for one season, Joshua formed deep and memorable friendships with his teammates.

When fellow cross country runner Jeremy Ermilio ’22 first met Joshua, he remembers thinking, “I know this kid is going to be special.”

“I have great memories of our short time together, but those memories are something I will truly appreciate for a lifetime,” says Jeremy. “I am heartbroken over the loss of not just a friend and teammate, but the loss of a little brother who impacted my life for the better.”

Although he was a senior while Joshua was new to the Firebirds, Pedro Godinez-Chavez ’21 says Joshua’s kindness and compassion are what he noticed right away, always making his teammates smile even when the workouts got tough.

“I remember him always going out of his way to ask people on the team how their race went,” says Pedro. “He was one of those guys that you would enjoy talking to just from the energy he brought.”

Head Men’s Track and Field Coach Josh Henry describes Joshua as kind, quiet, and humble.

“Joshua clearly cared about the success of those around him and was willing to give 100 percent,” says Coach Henry. “He would always put everything he had into his races so he wouldn’t let his teammates down. Despite his time with us being short, he certainly made a positive impact on those around him.”

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