A Carthage student works with a supervisor during an internship at NASA.
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Has your student recently secured an internship? Is your student looking for a fall internship, research project, or other experiential learning opportunities, but are hesitant to participate due to financial restrictions? The Aspire Center may be able to help!

Encourage your student to apply for experiential learning funding!

The Aspire Center strongly encourages and supports students who pursue experiential learning opportunities to broaden their skillset, gain experience, and expand their network. We also recognize that sometimes those experiences come at a cost, and students have to weigh gaining professional experiences or working a paying job.

Does your students need help finding a job or internship? Send them our way!

Step 1 — Have them start building their My Aspire Plan (MAP) by working on the Securing Experiences Achievement. This walks students through the steps on not only how to find opportunities, but to do it strategically to actually land that future opportunity!

Step 2 — Get them to create an updated profile on Handshake (Carthage’s job and internship posting website) so that employers can find them. Handshake is different from other job sites in that the postings are geared to the skill levels of college students and recent graduates. Employers and postings have also been vetted to ensure credibility.

Step 3 — Encourage them to swing by The Aspire Center on the fourth floor of Lentz Hall. Each student is connected with a career specialist, and we can help students start from square one!

Contact The Aspire Center at aspire@carthage.edu with any questions.