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The Kenosha Summer Shindig kicks off with a backyard jam and dinner Tuesday, June 28, at Carthage.

Kenosha Summer Shindig The Kenosha-based rock group Lunde is joining forces with Kenosha’s modern string quartet, the Exuberant Quartet, and the local bluegrass band Flat Creek Highway to take part in The Kenosha Summer Shindig, a series of events designed to bring people together across differences through musical collaboration and courageous conversations.

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This three-day event series will include a cross-genre jam session, a Braver Angels “Common Ground” workshop, a collective songwriting lab, a “Human Library” where people can check out “Human Books,” and a music showcase, all with the intention of bringing Kenoshans together to better understand one another and heal divides.

Co-hosted by organizational partners Braver Angels, Kenosha Creative Space, Raise Your Voice Labs, Kenosha Public Library, The Caravan, and Human Library Organization, most of these events are open to the public, whether they have musical experience or not. All can participate if they have a sincere intention to connect with their fellow Kenoshans.

Schedule of events:

Tuesday, June 28

6:30 p.m. — Backyard Jam & Dinner at Carthage

Hosted by Cameron Swallow at Carthage, this opening event is a great opportunity to meet other participants, enjoy dinner, and participate in both a free-form acoustic jam and a facilitated electric jam session. Ms. Swallow will send directions and instructions (like bring a lawn chair) to those who register at the link.

Wednesday, June 29

9 a.m.-noon — Braver Angels Common Ground Workshop at Kenosha Creative Space

This workshop brings together five conservative and five liberal participants — Reds and Blues — for a deep dive into a problem of local significance. Together, participants talk about their connection to the issue and their opinion on solutions. By the end of the event, they have come up with jointly-held Points of Agreements on values, concerns, and policies. The chosen local issue is the rebuilding and development of Uptown Kenosha. Participation is by invitation.

1-4 p.m. — Raise Your Voice Lab at Kenosha Creative Space

An immersive experience that combines facilitated group process with creative songwriting, the lab brings the community together to build a culture of resilience, adaptability, and inclusive leadership. The participants in the Common Ground workshop will have lunch together and then collaborate with others to create a new song or two from the shared experience of finding common ground in conversation. That new song will be performed at the Showcase concert on Thursday night. Wednesday’s workshop and lab are not open to the public, but portions will be filmed, and video clips will be shared. A videographer from Wisconsin Public Media will be present for all three days of the event.

Thursday, June 30

11 a.m.-3 p.m. — The Human Library at Wyndham Garden’s Lakeside Deck

At The Human Library, participants “check out” a “Human Book” for a 30-minute one-to-one conversation. The goal of the conversation is to ask questions of the Human Book to gain a better understanding of their lived experience. If you’d like to become a Human Book yourself and share your life experience, please sign up for a training on the registration link below.

7 p.m.— Kenosha Braver Angels Songwriting Showcase at Kenosha Creative Space

A live music showcase featuring musicians from the week’s program, as well as songs written from Wednesday’s Raise Your Voice Lab and any co-writing sessions from the week. Free to the public, space is limited.

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