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Learn more about the BSN program's accreditation, philosophy, and mission. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program has received a $50,000 grant from the Frank I. and Irene List Saemann Foundation that will assist in launching interprofessional education (IPE).

The nursing program at Carthage features a curriculum designed to incorporate best practices in the education of professional nurses. We are dedicated to providing socially responsible and responsive nurse education that is rooted in compassion.

The liberal arts courses at Carthage provide a foundation that supports critical thinking abilities, communication skills, intellectual curiosity, and a love of learning across all our programs, including nursing. This foundation builds bridges between the intellectual concerns students encounter in philosophy, literature, and history courses and the decisions they will have to make as healthcare professionals.

Creating a curriculum for IPE in health education is a structured way to further intersect these fields. Defined as: “when students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes” (World Health Organization), IPE is an essential part of healthcare education.

IPE prepares students for today’s best-practice model of collaborative, patient-centered care. From social work and allied health science/athletic training to music and art therapy, there are many disciplines that overlap in the provision of holistic, collaborative care. Understanding the ways different specialties contribute to overall health, as well as how health intersects with issues of social identity and equity, are crucial components of effective healthcare.

The $50,000 gift will fund the development of an IPE curriculum — enhancing learning labs, supporting verbatim theater, and funding nursing scholarships. A team is being assembled to create opportunities for cross-listed courses between relevant majors on campus and extracurricular opportunities for students across related majors to learn from experts, build relationships and professional resiliency, and collaborate on health and outreach projects that support our broader community.

The initiative launches this fall with the live presentation of “Frontline” — composed and performed by Carthage students using the verbatim theater technique. The play brings broad awareness to real-life stories and personal narratives that otherwise go unsaid, and is an important example of how the College can leverage its arts and humanities programming to bring depth and compassion to our professional majors as well.

In spring 2023, watch for an IPE event and ongoing programming highlighting interprofessional collaboration.

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