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On March 17, students in the German program gathered with friends in The Tower to make and eat a traditional German dinner.

The menu featured Wienerschnitzel, a breaded pork cutlet with culinary roots in the Austrian city of Vienna (Wien in German). It is now popular throughout German-speaking Europe. In addition to Schnitzel, students made German potato salad and spätzle, traditional homemade Southern-German noodles.

Students Claudia Clare ?27 (left) and Stewart Lilly ?24 (middle), work with German TLE Lukas Schw... Students Claudia Clare ’27 (left) and Stewart Lilly ’24 (middle), work with German TLE Lukas Schwab (right) to prepare spätzle at Schnitzelfest 2024.

The event was sponsored by the Modern Languages Department and was led and organized by Carthage’s 2023-24 German Target Language Expert (TLE), Lukas Schwab, who returned to campus and offered to cook with German students again after the success of last year’s Schnitzelfest. Lukas is a student of education in Heidelberg, Germany. While he was at Carthage last year, he taught German 1010 and 1020, and some of his former German students attend this year’s event. All of the recipes used at the event are from Lukas’ family.

Events like the Schnitzelfest allow students hands-on opportunities to learn about German culture and to practice their German language skills. They also help students connect with each other outside of class. Other events organized recently by German TLEs have included trips to the German Christmas Market in Chicago and a party to celebrate Fasching, the German equivalent of Mardi Gras.

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Modern Languages Department

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