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On March 21, Carthage hosted the 7th Annual Educators Rising Event, welcoming juniors and seniors from the Racine Unified School District (RUSD) and Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD).

The event aims to foster positive interactions among middle school students in the Education Pathway, high school students in grades 11-12 in the Dual Credit Program, college students pursuing education, and professionals — including faculty, staff, and community leaders. The initiative seeks to equip students from the RUSD and KUSD with the necessary support, skills, and knowledge, encouraging not just a pursuit of careers in education, but also a commitment to serve their local communities.

Organized with the goal of attracting these future educators to Carthage, the conference saw distinguished faculty such as Michele Hancock, vice president of college culture and inclusion and professor of practice in education; Patricia Rieman, associate professor of education; and Siovahn Williams, chair of the Master in Education Program and director of the Urban Teacher Preparation Program (UTPP); among others, greeting the attendees.

Grace Chapa ’24, a UTPP student worker and Miss Kenosha 2024, had the honor of introducing the keynote speaker, Michael Holden from the Racine Unified School District, who delivered a presentation on diversity and equity in education.

The event’s smooth operation was primarily due to the efforts of UTPP manager Elizabeth Brumund-Smith and student assistants Fiona Campbell ’26, Grace Chapa ’24, and Kiannah Hayes ’25, with notable participation from staff in The Aspire Center and Office of Admissions.

This year’s Educators Rising featured engaging sessions, including “Women History Makers” with Prof. Hancock, a unique look into urban education roles outside of teaching, a student panel discussing the transition to Carthage, insights into the teaching profession, and an exciting session on musical theater.

Looking ahead, we are excited about future collaborations with students from the RUSD and KUSD. We are planning to extend our outreach to additional school districts, continuing to build on the success of the Educators Rising Event.

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