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Kenosha voters will be better informed in making their choices for the Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) School Board thanks to long-time WGTD Public Radio host Professor Karin Sconzert.

Prof. Karin Sconzert Prof. Karin Sconzert For eighth year in a row, Prof. Sconzert moderated the Kenosha School Board Forum, which took place last week.

Prof. Sconzert, an education faculty member and co-host of the weekly Education Matters program that airs at 10:30 a.m. every Saturday, solicits questions from Kenosha residents, the KUSD parents and teachers, and even her own students when putting together the forum.

“It’s truly a forum and not a debate,” Prof. Sconzert said. “When I was first asked to do this in 2016, I was worried that it would get out of hand and candidates would yell at each other.” But, she explains, “I just apply principles of managing a classroom and set very clear expectations and then stick to them.”

The result is a chance for all candidates to express their views on a variety of topics important to the KUSD.

Listen to the forum or watch a recording

The KUSD School Board election is Tuesday, April 2.

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