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People from across the political spectrum will gather at Carthage for the Braver Angels Convention Thursday, June 27 through Saturday, June 29.

Braver Angels is a national organization that brings Americans together to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen the democratic republic. Braver Angels has previously hosted events on campus to encourage students to be engaged citizens.

The convention includes three days of programming, diving into topics such as: how faith communities can help America navigate the upcoming election, whether the class divide is bigger than the partisan divide, if we should trust our elections, and more. For more programming information visit the convention’s programs and agenda page.

Kenosha is equidistant between the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee taking place this summer. At a time when many Americans feel disillusioned with politics, Braver Angels will bring nearly 800 people — equally divided between liberals and conservatives — to Carthage campus. Convention delegates will debate controversial issues, seek common ground, and commit to take action and bridge the partisan divide before the 2024 presidential election.