A waterfall in Costa Rica Open the Door: A Collision Course in Creativity is a multidisciplinary course designed to “open the door” to non-linear modes of creative problem-solving via word, color, texture, shape, and harmony. Students will explore creativity in site-specific locations and explore indigenous arts and creativity.

Increase your skills in observation, investigation, appreciation, documentation, collaboration, and synthesis. Expand your courage and confidence by boosting nimble and quick habits of mind. Develop your character by building mindful and compassionate habits of being.

The indigenous peoples of Costa Rica are heirs to traditions of creative expression that are thousands of years old. Students will study the indigenous history and art traditions of Costa Rica as an introduction to a rich, deep, long-lived body of art and thought.

Costa Rican activities:

  • Visits to the Chorotegas, Malecu, Boruca, Ngobe, and Bribri communities
  • Hikes in the rainforest, perma-forest, and an active volcano
  • Whale watching, bird watching, snorkeling, white-water rafting with optional zip-lining
  • Tours of sustainable coffee, cacao, and pineapple plantations, museums, concerts, gallery visits, and the San Jose Central Market


Course code and title

ARH 675E-SJ1/MUS675-SJ1: Open the Door: A Collision Course in Creativity — Costa Rica


Costa Rica


Estimated travel dates

Jan. 11-Feb. 1, 2023

Estimated costs