Prof. Anthony Barnhart shows his class some magic tricks during his on-campus J-Term course.

1. Our Liberal Arts Foundation

Well-rounded. Resourceful. Insightful. Prepared. A Carthage education goes beyond career preparation to empower you to deal with complexity and change. Just ask Jennifer Hartig ’19, a middle school English teacher. “Having gone to a liberal arts college has completely changed how I approach problems. When I need to collaborate with fellow teachers on how to best serve a struggling student, I try to use different perspectives to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem.” 


Suresh Graf '15 gives a presentation in one of Prof. J.J. Shields' classes.

2. Small Classes

With an average class size of 17, you will get all the personal attention you need. “Carthage faculty have had a major impact on my life. Being able to build in-depth relationships with professors due to small class sizes is a reason why I chose Carthage,” says Azubiuke Whigham ’23, a graphic design major. “My relationships with faculty have helped me succeed in many aspects and knowing that I have mentors to reach out to for advice, whether it’s school-related or not, takes some of the pressure off of being a college student. I believe that I am in the best position to succeed here at Carthage.”

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Prof. Laura Huaracha helps a graphic design student.

3. Devoted Faculty

“The Carthage professors have helped me in numerous ways. The professors take the time to understand who you are as a student and as a person outside of their class,” explains management and marketing major Ayanna Crenshaw ’24. “They genuinely want what’s best for you and are willing to support you in and outside the classroom. The relationships that I hold with the faculty at Carthage are really special. As they have welcomed me in, I can feel a sense of community and it makes being a student so much more engaging.”


A view of the Integrated Sciences Pavilion in the Carthage Science Center.

4. Top Facilities

Things look new at Carthage because they are. The athletic center, library, student union, and many residence halls have all been constructed or renovated in the last 12 years. A new science center opened in 2015, and the new Tower Residence Hall opened in fall 2018.


A student poses during her J-Term study tour to Peru.

5. January Term

During January, students have the opportunity to take a month-long course either on campus or abroad. “My favorite class at Carthage so far has been the J-Term trip to Madrid, Spain during my freshman year,” says Allie Ontaneda ’22, Spanish major. “There, I was challenged to go beyond my comfort zone and grow in my confidence as a Spanish-speaker, speaking Spanish the entire trip. I made great friends, tried new food, and simply enjoyed the experience of using the language to fully experience life as a Madrileña.”


Prof. James Ripley leads performers during the 2021 Christmas Festival rehearseal.

6. Focus on Real Learning

“I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone who finds such joy in music and who feels so passionately about music education, as Professor James Ripley,” says music major Katiann Nelson ’22. “I’ve learned so much from his rehearsals, both in the short-term sense about how to play and in the long-term sense of how to educate, remain patient, and keep a positive environment.”


Prof. Angela Dassow and students researched the gibbons at the Racine Zoo.

7. Research Opportunities

Carthage places a major emphasis on undergraduate research, scholarship, and creativity. Early and often, students are challenged to perform original research under the close guidance of experienced faculty.


Students on board NASA's zero gravity aircraft take a break from conducting research to celebrate...

8. You Might Go Weightless!

Carthage has one of the most successful Microgravity Teams in the country. “The opportunities I’ve had at Carthage are incredible,” says Cassi Bossong ’21. “I never thought that I would be able to have these opportunities as an undergraduate, and the fact that I’m doing research indirectly for NASA is an amazing feeling. Being part of the Microgravity Team has given me the skills that I would need for potential careers, which are not only physics and engineering-related but also professional development.”


A faculty member leads a class lecture at the outdoor classroom overlooking Lake Michigan.

9. Intellectual Foundations (formerly Western Heritage)

“My favorite class at Carthage so far has been [Intellectual Foundations], says Noah Griser ’21. “I met some of my closest friends during that class, and it also helped me become better at expressing my views and opinions in a group setting. Western Heritage provides a place to read great books, develop writing skills, and it also facilitates amazing conversations.”


Carthage's Mi Gente organization tables at the 2021 Fall Involvement Fair.

10. 130+ Student Organizations

With more than 130 student clubs, you will need one really big excuse not to get involved. “Even though Carthage has a small student body, the number of clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities offered here are what really expanded my experience at Carthage,” explains Giana Apostoli ’23, a biology major. “If I had not participated in the groups I am in, I never would have met some of my closest friends, and I wouldn’t have the opportunities to further develop my knowledge in the things I am interested in.”


T-Pain performed at Carthage in 2019.

11. CAB

The Carthage Activities Board hosts events weekly for students by students, whether it is a comedian, hypnotist, spoken word artist, a concert, or a movie. “With CAB there is always something to do on campus,” says Autumn Williams ’22.


The Carthage College men's volleyball team defeated Benedictine to win the program's first nation...

12. Be a Student and an Athlete

About 30 percent of Carthage students discover the benefits of competing on our 27 NCAA Division III teams. Here, it’s possible to continue playing the sport you love and get a first-rate education.

“Carthage gave me the opportunity to continue playing the sport I love the most,” says Zach Shawhan ’22, business management and marketing major. “I am a member of the men’s golf team, and being able to play at the collegiate level has been a blessing. Being a very competitive person from a young age, I knew this was going to be an essential piece of my life moving forward in college.

Former first baseman and pitcher Ellie Bernero ’20 says, “I’m grateful to belong to an institution that creates an atmosphere where I can learn, compete and thrive. Being part of the softball program has given me a sense of belonging, motivation, and my best friends.”


Students perform ?Into the Woods.?

13. Intellectual Cross-Training

Don’t give up anything you love learning about. We have students who major in chemistry and theatre, or earn a dance minor with their education major. “It wasn’t easy to find a college that had Mandarin, Chinese, dance, and chemistry all in one! When I visited Carthage, I fell in love with the campus, and the welcoming professors, staff, and students I met made me feel right at home,” recalls Grace Kozisek ’20, a Chinese and chemistry major. “I was reassured this was the place for me when I looked into the Chinese, dance, and chemistry programs. The professors were very engaging and enthusiastic about the subjects they taught.”


A student painted a mural in the Science Center for his SURE project.

14. Summer School!

Carthage takes summer school to a whole new level. The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience pairs selected students with faculty for full-time summer research. 10 weeks. One-on-one mentoring. Countless doors opened.


Eric Simonson, award-winning writer and director for film, television, theatre, and opera, coache...

15. Big Names. Big Stage.

Carthage theatre students work with world-renowned writers like Keith Huff from “Mad Men” and “House of Cards.” They don’t just come to campus for a lecture; they spend months working closely with our students on a brand new play.


Students perform at the 2021 Christmas Festival.

16. Events like Christmas Festival

“My favorite Carthage moment has been going to the Christmas Festival,” says Jordan Ball ’23. “Not hearing much about it beforehand, I was expecting it to be similar to the concerts my high school held. I was very much mistaken. The concert was absolutely amazing. Every moment was breathtaking. The choirs and bands put on such an outstanding performance that I will definitely be back next year.”


A student explains her research poster at the Celebration of Scholars.

17. The Senior Thesis

Carthage is one of the few colleges in the country to require its seniors to complete a thesis. There’s no answer key for this one. No one telling you what chapters to study. This is your chance to build, perform, and explore a topic of your choice.

“My favorite class has been Senior Seminar in Studio Art. It’s the final course toward the completion of an art thesis,” explains Catherine Span ’22, an art major. “Throughout the class, I was able to create art pieces for an art exhibition and promote them in the H. F. Johnson Gallery of Art’s Visual and Performing Arts Lab. It was a solo exhibition, and through the support of my parents, friends, and Carthage faculty, I was able to exhibit a large collection of paintings and ceramics. It was a crowning moment, and I’m still proud of it!”


Students enjoy Late Night Breakfast, a Carthage tradition, to kick off Finals Week.

18. Late Night Breakfast

A few days before finals, Carthage faculty, staff, and even our President serve students a late-night breakfast in the Caf. Nothing relieves stress like your college president personally serving you scrambled eggs.


Carthage students visit Chicago.

19. Our Location

The views? Breathtaking. But our campus isn’t just beautiful. It’s also ideally located between Chicago and Milwaukee, giving you big-city opportunities.

“I chose Carthage for its amazing location,” explains Breanna Reynolds ’21, a communication major. Our beautiful campus is halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago and has endless opportunities.


A student plays ukulele on Lake Michigan.

20. Lake Views from Your Dorm Room

“My roommate and I were fortunate to get a dorm room with a beautiful view of the lake,” says accounting and finance major Rosemarie Ehle ’24. “My favorite spot is simply sitting on the end of my bed with the windows open listening to the waves and feeling the breeze. The sunrise is even better.”