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  • D-Day Lessons for Today - June 6, 1944

    The Normandy invasion combined thorough planning, mobilizing vast matériel, and great imagination. When the vast operation underway was announced, a U.S. newspaper highlighted a front-page drawing of invading soldiers cascading into Europe, as a terrified Hitler fled. A year of extremely brutal, almost continuous combat lay ahead, but the end of Nazi Germany was in sight once the beaches were secured.
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  • Amb. George F. Kennan

    Brilliant Russia Guide: George F. Kennan

    “We must formulate and put forward for other nations a much more positive and constructive picture … than we have put forward in the past.”

    This is from the famous “Long Telegram” sent from Moscow to Washington by diplomat George F. Kennan in early 1946. This brutal invasion of western Ukraine by Russia provides undeniable reminder that the world is difficult and dangerous, including old-fashioned military aggression.

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  • U.S. Federal Reserve Eccles Building

    Public Money and Public Health

    The Federal Reserve Board of Governors has finally raised interest rates. On March 16, the central bank announced interest on reserve funds would be .4 percent. Bank currency transactions will keep interest rates in a range between .25 and .5 percent.

    Further, officials indicated that several more interest rate increases would be coming down the pike this year, perhaps a total of six.

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  • South Korea Flag

    South Korea’s Important Election

    South Korea’s voters have elected Yoon Suk-yeol of the conservative People Power Party their next leader. He will take office in May, succeeding President Moon Jae-in, after defeating Lee Jae-myung of the governing Democratic Party. Under the constitution, the president serves a single five-year term and cannot run for re-election.
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  • Big Ben, Parliament, London

    Queen Elizabeth’s Major Milestone

    Last month, Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom celebrated her seventieth year on the throne. She is the first monarch of the nation to serve this long.

    For the rest of the year, there will be ceremonies marking this important anniversary in Britain, the Commonwealth and elsewhere around the world.

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