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Learn more about Carthage employee benefits below.

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2024 Benefits

Open Enrollment for 2024 is from Nov. 17 through Dec. 1.


2023 Benefits

Learn more about 2023 Health Care Benefits

Carthage College employees have access to a dedicated benefits advocate though our relationship with HUB International. Employees on the Carthage health care plans can call or email our representative with benefits questions and issues with claims. This personal representative can act on your behalf to resolve outstanding issues.

Pam Klotzbucher
Client Advisor
HUB International Limited
580 ​N ​Bank ​Lane, ​Ste ​101
Lake Forest,​ IL ​60045
Office: 847-​482-8933
Mobile: 630-​608-8500
Email: CarthageBenefits@hubinternational.com 

LiveHealth Online

Carthage College employees have access to online access to see a doctor 24/7. LiveHealth Online makes it possible to see a medical professional from the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about LiveHealth Online

TIAA Defined Contribution Plan

At the beginning of employment, an individual TIAA/CREF account is established for each eligible full-time employee. The College will make monthly deposits into this account at the rate of 5% of monthly base compensation during the second year of employment and at a 5% rate thereafter. Employees have no vested right to any of these contributions until the completion of 24 months of consecutive service, at which time they become 100% vested.

TIAA Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan

Employees also have the option of making personal contributions toward retirement. Election forms can be filled out in the Workday system to initiate payroll deductions. The Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan is open to all employees.

Carthage College provides short-term disability insurance to benefits-eligible employees through Lincoln Financial. Short-term disability (STD) benefits provide a percentage of the employee’s base compensation for an employee experiencing a serious health condition that requires him or her to be away from work for more than one week. Employees seeking to enact this benefit should contact the Office of Human Resources or consult the Employee Handbook for details. Information on how to start a claim, and the claim form are available on the web as well as in the Office of Human Resources.

All active employees working at least 30 hours per week are eligible for long-term disability. This insurance helps to replace a portion of income for an extended period of time. 

Learn more about long-term disability

Carthage College uses The Work NumberĀ® to provide automated employment and income verification for our employees. The Work Number from Equifax is a fast and secure way to provide proof of your employment or income—a necessary step in many of today’s life events including obtaining credit, financing a home or automobile, obtaining a housing lease or securing government benefits or services. The Work Number simplifies the verification process and accelerates qualifying decisions through an online system available to verifiers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn how to access the employment verification system

Carthage College is rooted in the Lutheran tradition and committed to the value of service. As a Lutheran institution, we believe in service to the world — the whole world. In order to live this heritage, Carthage provides all employees the opportunity to engage in this service work through the Carthage Cares Program.

Carthage Cares seeks to engage with the local community and surrounding areas in a variety of service programs. Each Carthage employee is provided four paid hours annually to participate (with supervisor permission) in service projects of their choice. These hours do not roll over and are not paid out at separation.

See the full Carthage Cares Policy

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes balancing it is difficult. We are proud to provide a confidential program dedicated to supporting the emotional health and well-being of our employees and their families. The employee assistance program (EAP) is provided at NO COST to you through MetLife- TELUS Health. The EAP can help with the following issues, among others:

  • Mental health
  • Relationships or marital conflicts
  • Child and eldercare
  • Substance abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Legal or financial issues

For more information, visit one.telushealth.com or call 1-888-319-7819.

Learn more about the Employee Assistance Program


TravelConnect is a comprehensive program that can bring help, comfort, and reassurance if you face a medical emergency while traveling 100 or more miles from home. Whether traveling for business or leisure, if you are enrolled in life and/or AD&D insurance, you and your loved ones can count on TravelConnect  for responsive and caring support — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn more about TravelConnect

No matter how well you plan your life, you can be sure a few unforeseen challenges will arise. When they do, it’s reassuring to know that help and support are close at hand — thanks to LifeKeys services from Lincoln Financial Group. If you are enrolled in life and/or AD&D insurance, this program provides access to a wide array of services to help you and your loved ones through life’s ups and downs — and prepare you for whatever lies ahead.

Learn more about LifeKeys