Efforts of Institutional Effectiveness seek to facilitate the continuous systematic improvement and quality of programmatic offerings, instruction, student success, service, and administrative processes at Carthage College. These efforts are guided by three core principles:

Accuracy and Integrity

Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness value operations grounded in ethical behavior, integrity, transparency, and neutrality. Both areas strive to ensure the accurate and timely dissemination of data and information to institutional units in support of the institutional mission and goals.

Continuous Improvement

Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness recognize the value of knowledge and actionable information that supports the development and evaluation of policies and processes toward improvement. Both areas strive to foster an institutional culture that promotes the use of data to assess the effectiveness of current activities and to strategically plan for the future.


Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness seek to build responsive relationships with internal and external stakeholders navigating the complex nature of operations by providing industry insight, access to information, and quality sources of data and information.