Need a design or print project? Use the resources below to create your own beautiful Carthage-branded materials.

SEE Carthage Templates

Q: Will Mar-Comm create my piece for me, or should I create it myself?

Mar-Comm must focus our design time on projects that directly impact recruitment, enrollment, and fundraising. This means that most of our print projects are for the Office of Admissions, Office of Advancement, and major College initiatives such as new academic programs and major events. For projects beyond our direct scope and capacity, we offer resources to support faculty and staff in creating your own materials, along with guidance and final approval to ensure successful outcomes.

If your project is intended for prospective students and families … please send an email to for guidance. Be sure to include: a description of your project, your intended audience, the number of people you intend to reach, why you feel the printed piece is necessary, and your deadline. We will be in touch with next steps.

If your project is intended for an internal audience or a smaller group … it’s most likely that we’ll direct you to the resources below so you can create the piece yourself. If you need assistance using the templates below, please contact Kim King

Q: How can I create my own materials to promote my program or event?

We have two options for creating your own Carthage-branded design and print pieces.

OPTION 1: General Carthage Templates — Word, Powerpoint, etc.
These templates are open to all members of the Carthage community. Create your own presentations, posters, flyers, letters, and more. Please send a final version of your project to Kim King at for approval or if you have any questions regarding template use.

OPTION 2: Marq Templating Software — For specific campus partners
We recently implemented the brand templating software Marq to allow approved users across campus to easily create their own design and print projects, such as brochures, flyers, invitations, posters, letterhead, and more. We have a limited number of Marq licenses available, and we have already distributed these licenses to specific staff in offices/departments that frequently need to create branded print materials, including Advancement, Aspire, the Equity and Inclusion Center, Human Resources, Student Financial Services, and Student Life. To request a Marq license or see if your office/department already has a licensed user, contact your office manager/department chair or Kim King at

Q: Are there visual brand guidelines I should use?

Yes! Please use the Visual Brand Guidelinesand Athletic Brand Guidelines. If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact Steve Janiak at  

Q: Does my project need to be approved before I print it?
  • If your project involves putting a Carthage logo on any type of swag — shirts, hats, socks, water bottles, keychains, bags, etc. — YES. All materials that include the Carthage College and/or Carthage Athletics logos must be approved by our office before production. Request a logo lockup or permission to use a Carthage logo (Select “Logo Request” from the drop-down menu).
  • If your project is intended for an internal audience (meaning Carthage students, faculty, and staff), and you are using our Carthage-branded templates, NO. We do not need to see it first.
  • If your project is intended for an external audience (meaning prospective students and families, members of the public, etc.), YES. Please send it to
  • If you are an approved Marq user, YES. We will need to approve your project. This process is spelled out in Marq. Projects will be approved as quickly as possible, but approval can take up to 5 business days.

Once your project is approved, you are responsible for the printing and/or production of your project. If you need printing services, the campus mailroom should be able to accommodate those needs. Send your project to