Self-Guided Web Tour

Get to know our new website fast!

First:  Open the homepage in a new tab/window

Scroll down. Look around. Click on some stuff. Scroll back up. Just like in our current website, you can always get to the homepage by clicking on the “Carthage College” tab in the upper left corner, or the “Carthage College” logo in the footer at the bottom of every webpage.

NEXT:  Click on the campus tools drop-down menu

The drop-down Campus Tools menu includes quick links to helpful resources. This is the fastest way to get to The Bridge, COVID-19 resources, the Library website, our online directory, and OneLogin. One Login is where you’ll find Schoology, Workday, AdAstra, MyCarthage, and much more. All done? Click it closed. 

NOW:  Click on “Full Menu”

Our new website uses the “hamburger” style menu design so the full menu is there when you want it, but easily closed when you don’t.

  • Click on the red “Full Menu” hamburger to pop out the full menu.
  • Look at the different headings and the various menu items within each.
  • Note the “Info For” bar at the bottom of the full menu. This is where you’ll find resources meant for you.
  • When you’re done with the menu, just click on the “X” to close it and clear your view.

A look at the full menu of the new Carthage website.

BRANCH OUT!  Try our Smart Search

Our website utilizes a smart search tool that responds to your inquiry as you type it in the search bar. 

Our smart search will help you find what you're looking for.

DIVE DOWN:  Check out our footer.

Scroll to the bottom of any webpage, and you’ll find more quick links to Carthage resources, including The Bridge, career opportunities, campus policies, and more. 

AND FINALLY:  Explore!

Now that you’ve learned how to navigate our website, click around! Here are some of our favorite spots:

What Should I Study?

This interactive quiz isn’t a career assessment. Turn to The Aspire Program for that. This feature is meant to inspire students to see more options than they may have imagined. Here at Carthage, we’re good at that.  

Majors & Minors List

Our new Academics site has a list of Carthage’s 50+ areas of study, sortable by subject area and degree type. This means high school juniors and seniors can easily explore majors that align with their interests, but also be inspired to explore new disciplines.

Info for Current Students

This one-stop-shop for current students is filled with links to resources throughout our website, from the student mailroom, to maintenance, to advising and support. Get to this page from any webpage by popping open the full menu, and clicking on Info for Current Students.

Info for Faculty & Staff

There are a ton of resources on the website for Carthage employees. This page gives you fast links to all of them. Get to this page from any webpage by popping open the full menu, and clicking on Info for Current Students.