Carthage faculty and staff from across campus are engaging in the Moon Shot initiative. Each office and department has a role to play in meeting our goal of eliminating equity gaps in retention and graduation across campus. More teams will take shape as we move through the multi-year project and new projects are launched. Teams will be updated as we move forward.

Campus Moon Shot Coordinator
Abigail Hanna
Vice President for Administrative Planning and Innovation; Chief Organizational Development Officer

Phase 1

Hold Reform

Team lead: Nick Winkler
Team members: Ashley Hanson, Brandon Porter, and Leanna Davis

Transfer Pathways

Team members: Bill Weir, Joshua Henry, Joseph Towey, Neil Scharnick, and Neolitsa Mirakis

Coordinated Care

Team lead: Melissa Burwell
Team members: Heather Carroll, Caroly Eastman, David Garcia, Sarah Gorke, and Nate Stewart


Team lead: Melissa Burwell
Team members: Autumn McCune, Mike Jonas, Becki Hornung, and Laura Huaracha

Retention Grants

Team lead: Greg Huss
Team members: Jeff Teague, Debbie Kelley

Phase 2

Second Chance

Team lead: John Frese
Team members: Valerie Diaz, Bill Weir, Sarah Strabel, and Eli Marten

Math Pathways

Team lead: Haley Yaple
Team members: Julie Dalstrom, Diana Thompson, Carter Rockhill, and Diane Schowalter

Academic Maps

Team lead: Maribel Morales
Team members: David Brownholland, Jacqueline Easley, Phil Welsch, Sarah Gorke, Shannon Brennan, and Jeffrey Thomas

• • •

As this is a multi-year project, we anticipate additional Moon Shot projects to move forward and teams to be formed. If you are interested in joining a team or have questions, please feel free to reach out.