What is a Sponsored Program?

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides resources, guidance and support for a specific category of funded projects called sponsored programs. Sponsored programs are funded projects and/or activities that are awarded to Carthage by external sources in support of research, instruction, training, service, or other scholarly activities under an agreement with specific characteristics. These are supported wholly or in part by external funds awarded to Carthage. Sponsors use the following legal instruments to sponsor college projects:

GRANTS: A grant is an assistance instrument of which the primary purpose of which is to support the College in the pursuit of its mission. The sponsor has no substantial involvement in the conduct of the project.

COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS: A cooperative agreement is an assistance instrument used by federal agencies in cases where the agency anticipates being substantially involved with the awardee in the programmatic aspects of the work.

CONTRACTS: The primary purpose of a (sponsored) contract is to enable the sponsor to purchase services or goods from Carthage College. Contract performance is closely monitored by the sponsor to ensure that the purpose of the contract is met.

SUB-AWARDS: A sub-award is an award provided by a pass-through entity to a sub-recipient for the sub-recipient to carry out part of the Federal award received by the pass-through entity. It does not include payments to a contractor.

*If you or your department are working with one of the sponsorship instruments listed above to fund a project at Carthage, you should be certain to coordinate with the Office of Sponsored Programs.

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