Key Stages of Proposal Development

This section of the website provides guidance and resources for developing your proposal. Once you have developed a project idea and found a funding source match, you are ready to begin the following key stages in proposal development:

Deconstruct Your Funding Opportunity Announcement

Reviewing your funding solicitation is critical. Taking time to digest the details of the solicitation will cause you to ask questions, and help you to begin outlining your proposal. A successful proposal hinges on a variety of factors. You must match your idea and experience to an appropriate funding opportunity, paying careful attention to the funding agency’s funding, priorities, criteria, and guidelines. Download this simple guide to learn more.

Communicate with your Department Chair and Dean

It is important to attain the support of your Department Chair and Dean early in the grant life cycle. These individuals can be a valuable resources during STEP 3: Developing Your Proposal. In addition, all sponsored program (grant) related applications are required to secure the College’s endorsement, regardless of amount, and regardless of whether or not you are partnering with another institution. In fact, the support of your Dean & Provost/VP will be required in order for you to submit an application and eventually accept funding on behalf of Carthage College.

Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Once you have fully reviewed the funding announcement and application and made the decision that you would like to develop a proposal, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs. OSP will work with you to develop a competitive proposal and ensure all routing and authorization requirements are met. It is often helpful to schedule a meeting with OSP staff early in the proposal development process. During this pre-proposal development meeting, OSP can assist the PI with developing a work plan and timeline for completing the application, and ensure you understand the Carthage Routing & Authorization Process for grants.

Begin to develop your proposal & complete the Routing & Authorization Process

Once you have developed your project idea & identified a potential funding source, you are ready to initiate the Routing & Authorization process. The form is a 2-PART on-line process and ensures all proposals the full support and approval of Carthage College. If PART B of the Routing & Authorization Form is not received a minimum of 10 business day prior to the proposal deadline, may place their proposal submission at risk.