Carthage is partnering with Workday to implement a new Student Information – Enterprise Resource Planning System (SIS-ERP) on campus.

What is Workday?

Workday is an innovative, cloud-based solution that combines administrative applications into a unified system, delivered through a flexible, user-friendly interface.

Workday@Carthage will be implemented as a new Student Information and Enterprise Resource Planning System (SIS-ERP). This system will manage human resources, payroll, and finance business processes, as well as the entire life cycle of student information. It is designed to minimize reliance on paper and manual workarounds. Workday is modern and web-based, and will standardize our HR and payroll processes.

The Workday solution provides:
  • Transparency, with its full and integrated access to information and progress
  • Flexibility, with the ability to make process changes and deliver personalized learning and new programs
  • Security, with built-in cyber-security, FERPA regulations, and change history
  • Empowerment, with enabling users to plan, conduct “what-if” analysis, and self-service functionality to allow users to get things done fast and efficiently
  • Mobility, with tools to balance our connected and unconnected lives


From Robert Steele, vice president of higher education at Workday:

“Workday is proud to welcome Carthage College to our customer community. In an environment that’s continuously changing, more higher education institutions are turning to Workday to help them optimize how they manage their campus operations to meet the evolving needs of the student body. With Workday, higher education customers like Carthage College have a flexible, unified application that helps them adapt to market demands so staff can stay focused on their institutional missions.”

Further Information

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Training Opportunities

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