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Workday is Carthage’s Student Information and Enterprise Resource Planning System (SIS-ERP).

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Visit the training and tutorials page for demonstration videos, quick guides, upcoming information sessions, and more. If you have an issue accessing the Workday system or its modules, please send an email to help@carthage.edu.

The benefits of Workday:

As a student

  • Paperless admissions decisions, auto-import of transcripts and test scores, faster time-to-offer
  • All financial aid activities and actions available online or on mobile devices
  • Ability to pre-plan courses for all semesters
  • Live course registration based on plan
  • Ability to swap classes on schedule
  • What-if degree planning capabilities
  • Full control over FERPA settings
  • Delegate financial activities to parents and guardians

As a student worker

  • Paperless hiring and self-service data management
  • Easy timesheets for multiple jobs
  • Work-study award tracking
  • Employee and student information all in one place with access to historical data