Workday will manage human resources, payroll, and finance business processes, as well as the entire life cycle of student information. It is designed to minimize reliance on paper and manual workarounds.

For employees:

  • Full visibility into the organizational structure and team members
  • Integrated human resources and payroll with position-based user access
  • Self-service ability to manage your own data
  • Electronic expense reporting
  • Document workflow integrated with GL
  • Ability to obtain pre-approvals through requisitions, purchase orders, and travel authorizations
  • Online access to information about the college assets for which you are responsible

For budget managers:

  • Ability to easily analyze budget down to the transaction level
  • Real-time access to operating results mid-month

For faculty members and advisors:

  • Visibility to course demand and enrollments
  • Tracking of appointments, contracts, and other assignments
  • Alert triggers
  • Engagement tools
  • Grant accounting with drill-down to source documents

Carthage began the Workday project in March 2020. The first “go live” date was in January 2021 with the human resources, payroll, and finance functions.

The College is now gearing up for a very exciting spring semester as we implement additional Workday modules to enhance the student experience at Carthage. Specifically, students will register in Workday for the fall 2023 semester in April.

See the spring 2023 Workday timeline

Please look for updates and announcements on The Bridge and the Workday news page. Visit the training and tutorials page for information on how to access Workday Learning courses and upcoming training sessions.

Below is a graphic highlighting the functions of Carthage’s student systems: Workday, Schoology, and Navigate.
Download the graphic

This graphic shows the functions of Workday, Navigate, and Schoology.


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