Navigate Logo Why Navigate? Navigate links college leaders, advisors, faculty, staff, and students in a coordinated care network.

Benefits of Navigate Include:
  • Access research and predictive analytics will enhance the student experience and lead to better retention and higher graduation rates.
  • Identify and prioritize students that are at academic risk and require immediate intervention.
  • Coordinate proactive early alerts campaigns and student outreach.
  • Create a holistic view of the student’s academic progress.
  • Easy appointment scheduling and record-keeping, such as flagging students who are no-shows for appointments.
  • User-friendly search tools and reports.
  • Simplified student outreach.

Faculty and Staff Resources

If you are interested in trying Navigate but do not want your actions to generate actual emails or alerts for students, you can use the Navigate training site to try the various functionalities of the platform. Since it is a training site, your actions will not impact students or other users.

The training site has a blue bar at the top that says “Carthage College Training Site.” If there is a red bar at the top, you are in the live Carthage Navigate site — your actions will trigger notifications to students and other staff!

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