Peer Tutoring is committed to supporting students in any course that they find challenging. If you would like help with a course that is currently unsupported by a tutor, please request to be connected with a course tutor using this form.

If appropriate, we will first attempt to match you with a tutor who is already on staff to tutor another course and is qualified to also tutor your course. If we are unable to match you with a tutor already on staff, we will attempt to hire and train a new tutor. The recruitment and training process usually takes at least two weeks, so we encourage you to request a tutor as soon as you think you may need one.

Once your tutor has completed training, they will reach out to you to set a schedule of appointments. If you do not need regular appointments, we encourage you to use your professor’s office hours or the Writing Center for assistance.

Sometimes it may happen that we are unable to hire a qualified tutor. This is most likely to occur when seeking a tutor for advanced coursework or for a small class that is offered infrequently. If we are unable to secure a qualified tutor, we will work with you to identify other forms of support on or off-campus.

New tutor requests will not be filled after the final withdrawal date (Week 9) unless a current tutor can be matched to the course.

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