We are offering in-person and Zoom virtual tutoring sessions during spring 2022.

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See the spring 2022 tutoring schedules

In-person tutoring sessions take place in the tutoring lounge (Straz 166) or at a place designated by your peer tutor. Check their profile in WCOnline. Appointments can be made up to the day before. Some tutors also offer group and/or drop-in tutoring. See more information on the in-person group and drop-in schedule 

All #StaySafeCarthage policies will be followed during in-person sessions.

Live virtual tutoring sessions are akin to the in-person sessions that normally occur on campus but are conducted on Zoom. Appointments can be made up to the day before, but we do not accept drop-ins on Zoom.

All questions to tutors can be directed to tutoring@carthage.edu or use WCOnline to send a message to us (in the pulldown menu by your name). Please include in the subject line the course code (eg COR 120, BIO 1110, ect) so it can be directed to the correct tutor(s). You can expect a response within 48 hours.


To book appointments at the Writing Center, you will first create an account in WCOnline. This is the website we use for the Academic Support offices’ appointments. Creating an account is easy to do and we will help you do so when your College Success Seminar visits the Writing Center. If you are unable to attend that day, follow these steps to set up your account:

  • Click “Register for an Account”
  • Complete the registration form using your @carthage.edu email address
  • We suggest you use the same password you use for email and other Carthage programs to make it easy to remember.
  • You are now able to log in and book appointments for both the Writing Center, Testing Center, and Peer Tutoring.

If you need assistance, please stop by the Writing Center or the Hedberg Library Information Desk during open hours.


You may be required to update your password or key information in your user profile. Updating your password is easy to do and requires only a few steps:

  • Click “Reset Your Password”
  • Enter your email address (including @carthage.edu) and click “Reset Password”
  • Check your email for a message from Academic Services with a reset link. Click on that link.
  • Check your email for another message from Academic Services with a temporary password.
  • Log in to WCOnline with your email address (including @carthage.edu) and the temporary password that was emailed to you.
  • Once logged in, you should change your password to something permanent by going to your profile in WCOnline.

Please note that updating your WCOnline Password does not update any other Carthage password, so we recommend using the same password you use for email and other Carthage programs.

Thank you for helping us keep your personal information secure! If you need assistance, please stop by the Hedberg Library Information Desk during open hours.

  • Start at the login page at carthage.mywconline.com. Log in using your Carthage username (include “@carthage.edu”) and the password you chose when you created your account.
  • Choose the Writing Center Schedule from the “CHOOSE A SCHEDULE” drop-down menu, then click the “Log In” box.
  • Immediately after login, you will see the Writing Center schedule, with tutors’ names on the left side and openings for appointments in white. Click on a white space and fill in your appointment information in the new window. IMPORTANT: Be sure you know your professor’s name and correct email address when you make your appointment.

Peer tutors set their own hours and work by appointment-only scheduling. In order to help them balance all of their responsibilities, we require students to schedule appointments at least one day in advance using WCOnline. You may cancel an appointment up to 60 minutes in advance without penalty. You will not be able to cancel within 60 minutes of an appointment.

Students who miss two appointments in a single semester without canceling may be unable to schedule Writing Center sessions for the remainder of that semester.

WCOnline allows clients to cancel their own appointments online up to 60 minutes prior to a scheduled session.

Students who fail to keep an appointment with tutoring prevent other students from receiving the help they need. In order to limit “no shows”, we have the following policy:

The first time in a given semester that a student fails to cancel an appointment through WCOnline, or misses an appointment an email alert will be sent to them. The second time in that same semester that the student fails to cancel an appointment through WCOnline, they will be blocked from making any additional appointments for the remainder of that semester. If there are special circumstances you would like us to consider if this policy is applied to you, please email the Director of the Writing Center and Peer Tutoring at hcarroll@carthage.edu.

All peer tutors and tutees are expected to abide by Carthage’s policies on academic honesty. Peer tutors are trained to work with students to help them gain a better understanding of course concepts and introduce effective study techniques. They may share their own experiences from taking the course and offer insights into the expectations and demands. They do not have answers to homework problems and should not be asked to verify that your work is correct.