Scheduling Policy

Peer tutors set their own hours and work by appointment-only scheduling. In order to help them balance all of their responsibilities, we require students to schedule appointments at least one day in advance using Navigate. To allow all students to access tutoring, please avoid canceling appointments on the day they are scheduled or scheduling more than one appointment per course per day. Appointments canceled with less than an hour’s notice will be marked as no-shows.

No-Show Policy

Students who fail to keep an appointment with tutoring prevent other students from receiving the help they need. In order to limit “no shows,” we have the following policy:

The first time in a given semester that a student fails to cancel an appointment through Navigate or misses an appointment, it will be recorded but the account will remain active. The second time in that same semester that the student fails to cancel an appointment through Navigate, they will be blocked from making any additional appointments for the remainder of that semester.

Navigate will allow you to cancel within 60 minutes of an appointment but will still mark the session as a no show.

If there are special circumstances you would like us to consider if this policy is applied to you, please email the Director of the Writing Center and Peer Tutoring at

Academic Honesty

All peer tutors and tutees are expected to abide by Carthage’s policies on academic honesty. Peer tutors are trained to work with students to help them gain a better understanding of course concepts and introduce effective study techniques. They may share their own experiences from taking the course and offer insights into the expectations and demands. They do not have answers to homework problems and should not be asked to verify that your work is correct.

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