Why should I go to the Writing Center?

There are lots of reasons you should make an appointment with a Writing Fellow. Three of our fellows share their research-based ideas about it in This is for You (the Writing Center ‘zine).

What does the Writing Center do?

The Writing Center’s mission is to provide personalized tutoring for students of all backgrounds to nurture writing skills and inspire academic success. To help us fulfill this mission, we offer one-on-one writing consultations, group tutoring, writing workshops, and class visits.

What happens in a writing consultation?

The undergraduate Writing Fellow will work with you to set goals for the session. You will likely begin by talking about the assignment you are working on. You or the writing fellow will then read your paper or sections of your paper out loud. The Writing Fellow will talk with you about your paper, ask about your concerns, and suggest areas for improvement.

Do you just look at grammar and punctuation?

While we can teach you to proofread your own writing and notice patterns in grammatical errors, we can support your writing in a way that will have a much bigger impact on both your grade and your development as a writer. We will likely spend more time on the big picture. Have you met the assignment requirements? Is the structure of your paper effective? Do you have a strong thesis? Do you have evidence to support your thesis? Is your introduction interesting and informative and your conclusion satisfying?

How finished does my paper have to be?

You can come to the Writing Center at any stage of the writing process — whether that’s figuring out what you’re going to write about, putting your thoughts in order, or polishing up a final draft.

Can I drop off my paper?

If written feedback is how you learn best, we encourage you to book an appointment for a written feedback consultation with a Writing Fellow. See our appointments page to learn more about these flexible appointments.

How long do tutoring sessions last?

Tutoring sessions begin on the hour and last 45-50 minutes.

Where is the Writing Center?

We are located on the main floor of Hedberg Library. For Fall 2020, Writing Fellows will be meeting with students via Zoom and using Google Docs to view papers.

Do I need an appointment?

We strongly recommend making an appointment. You can book an appointment up to the start time, but we are not offering drop-ins this semester. Please be aware that Writing Center appointments can book up very fast, especially during midterms and finals. It helps to plan ahead. Go to Navigate to register and schedule appointments.

How can I contact the Writing Center?

You can email any questions to writingcenter@carthage.edu.