Carthage is committed to attracting and nurturing promising students in addition to academically and financially supporting their scholarly endeavors. More than 90 percent of students receive grant and scholarship assistance.

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First-Year Students

The following scholarships designed for incoming first-year students are competitive and require a special application (due by December prior to enrollment). All are renewable for up to four consecutive years, as long as the recipient is a full-time undergraduate student and maintains a particular cumulative grade-point average.

  • The Presidential Scholarship Program — This program offers the most prestigious awards granted by Carthage. The program is open to all academic majors and includes 35 major scholarships ranging from $27,000 per year to full tuition and room and board. Successful applicants have extraordinary records of academics, extracurricular activities, and achievements.
  • The Math/Science Scholarships — Students considering a major in mathematics or a natural science are encouraged to apply for these awards. Carthage offers two full tuition room and board per year renewable scholarships to high school seniors who have been accepted at Carthage, demonstrate ability in science and math, and show commitment to the values embodied by a liberal arts education.
  • The Modern Languages Scholarships — Up to 10 scholarships are awarded to students majoring or minoring in Chinese (two scholarships), French (two scholarships), German (two scholarships), Japanese (two scholarships) or majoring in Spanish (two scholarships, majors only). A double major in another subject area is acceptable and can be completed in four years. Each scholarship covers $27,000 per year renewable for four years.
  • Business Scholarships — Carthage awards two full-tuition per year scholarships to high school seniors who have been accepted to Carthage, demonstrate ability in business, and show commitment to the values embodied by a liberal arts education.

Transfer Students

Carthage invites transfer students each May and December to compete for one full-tuition scholarship and one $27,000 annual scholarship. The December competition also is open to freshmen planning to enter Carthage during the spring semester. Participation in either competition requires an on-campus interview and an impromptu essay.

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Prestigious National Fellowships for Graduates

In recent years, some of Carthage’s very best students have benefited from the rigorous application process for national competitions, such as the Mellon, Truman, Fulbright, and Rhodes Fellowships. The Director of Student Fellowships actively seeks and assists those students who may benefit academically, professionally, and financially from this process. In recent years, Carthage Honors students have been awarded both Truman and Fulbright Scholarships.