Minutes from the 1/19/2007 Meeting

WAC Meeting Minutes


Mark Snavely
Leonard Schultz
Rick Matthews
Alan Wallace
Michelle Bonn
David Steege
Jean Preston

Alan Wallace showed the committee a list of faculty who are teaching Heritage this semester. Only five faculty on the entire list have not been certified to teach W.I. courses, or have not submitted a proposal for their Heritage section for W.I. approval.

The Committee agreed to meet again on Tuesday, February 27, at noon.

Mark Snavely presented several W.I. proposals to the Committee for its consideration.

Heritage proposals were submitted by Sam Chell, Jonathan Marshall, Marla Polley, Marian Rothstein, and Chris von Dehsen. All were approved for W.I. designation.

Ingrid Tiegel submitted a W.I. proposal for Psyc 365: Child Psychopathology. The committee approved the proposal pending clarification of the weight given to writing assignments on the course syllabus.

Leonard Shultz will deliver the list of Heritage faculty who are not W.I. certified and have not submitted a W.I. course proposal for their course to the committee.

Michelle Bonn gave the Committee a list of courses that have been submitted to the Registrar’s office as W.I. courses. Only one course on the list (Engl 201/Smiley) has been approved by the WAC Committee. Two Math courses (Math 309/Snavely and Math 300/Trautwein) have been approved, but were not included on the list. Michelle will update the list, and Department Chairs will be informed if their courses have not yet been approved for W.I. designation and reminded of due dates for future submissions via a memo from Mark Snavely. In addition, the Registrar’s office will include instructions for designating courses as W.I. in the Departmental scheduling packets.

Mark Snavely will request that Division Chairs, after reviewing Departmental schedules, poll their Department Chairs regarding second W.I. courses.

Rick Matthews will be proposing a summer term ACE W.I. course, Topics 271, Elite Deviance. Understandings of Religion was mentioned as a good option for an ACE/SPS W.I. non-major course. Rick Matthews will contact the Business and Education Departments to see what progress they have made on ACE/SPS W.I. courses. He will also talk with Diane Keller about faculty certification.

Alan Wallace is planning an ACE/SPS W.I. Workshop that will probably take place in August. This workshop will be for adjunct faculty, but will also offer an alternative for full time faculty who cannot attend the daytime workshop offered for full time faculty. The workshop will be offered on weekends or in the evenings to accommodate adjuncts’ schedules. Alan will try to determine how many faculty might attend and will set a date as soon as possible.

Leonard Schultz questioned if the requirement for a research paper in Heritage II is too advanced for second semester freshmen. Alan Wallace expressed similar concerns. Alan will share with the committee a proposal he and Anne Shaw prepared for the HOC when the new Heritage curriculum was being developed.

Alan Wallace handed out a summary of the work the WAC has accomplished over the past year. He requested that the Committee read the summary and come to next week’s meeting ready to discuss both the summary and any priorities for the coming year.

Respectfully Submitted by Jean Preston