“After this experience, I’m definitely more open to the idea of becoming a teacher later in life. I like the idea of helping youth build new skills, and I enjoyed learning about the students. I have a deeper respect for both teachers and students after this course.”
— Leannie Olivares ’17

Carthage students, prospective scholars, and Noyce Scholars have the opportunity to enroll in a 4-credit January Term course for an immersive teaching experience in grades 6-12 classrooms.

The J-Term course offers STEM majors an opportunity to, under the guidance of a mentor teacher, immerse themselves in area middle or high school science classrooms.

This course introduces STEM majors to topics in science education, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the basics of lesson planning and assessment. Students then design, execute, and reflect a science learning experience with secondary students based on topics selected by the mentor teacher.

Recent topics have been the making of genetically modified foods and the science behind winter sports. Student-designed lessons included how to extract your own DNA from your cheek cells, a taste test of genetically engineered and non-engineered food, ice skate design, and the physics of curling.

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Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

Carthage Noyce Scholars and local K-12 teachers each have the opportunity to conduct summer research with a Carthage faculty member for ten weeks and four weeks, respectively. Scientific research is performed through Carthage’s competitive Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, or SURE.

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