Knowing that book learning alone is insufficient, Carthage embraces hands-on learning across the curriculum. Whatever career path they follow, students must be equipped with the skills to adapt to changing conditions.

Specialty Course: Phage Hunters

Entire classes at Carthage are structured around original research. That includes the innovative, yearlong introductory biology course Molecules, Cells, and Organisms, through which freshman science majors study viruses that infect bacteria. Classes devoted to research methods introduce students to the design of experiments and guide them through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.

Research Methods: Neuroscience and More

Among the specialized research facilities, the College offers is the Carthage Neuroscience Lab. There, psychology and neuroscience students have access to a rodent colony and equipment that allows them to study and even perform surgery on rodents. The studies have real-world applications for returning veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Most professors like to get journal articles published. I say my students are my publications,” said neuroscience professor Dan Miller. “It’s really great to see them become successful.”

J-Term Study Tours

Carthage offers a J-Term study tour to Honduras. J-Term, or January Term, is a special month-long period of study in which Carthage students explore subjects outside their majors or minors, discover new interests, and test their creativity through classes held both on campus and around the world. It’s a month to experiment, create, and dream.

Students take a single course, concentrating on one subject for the month of January. All students must complete two J-Term courses during their time at Carthage, although most students choose to participate in J-Term every year. First-year students must participate during their freshman year.

Independent Research

Students also have the option of pursuing independent research for credit. Many professors are available to guide the students through their chosen projects.