More than 30 Carthage students have been selected to conduct research with faculty this summer as part of the 2024 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience.

SURE has been a hallmark of the Carthage experience since the mid-1990s. The undergraduate research initiative first began in the natural sciences but now includes all academic disciplines at Carthage. Each summer, between 20 and 50 students are chosen to participate.

Selected students spend 10 weeks on campus researching full-time with a faculty mentor. Students receive a stipend, on-campus housing, a meal plan, and a research budget.


Anna Polietaieva ’27
Jared Werner ’27

Project: Art-Historical and Contextual Research on Carthage’s Sam and Berry Shoen Collection of Soviet Art
Prof. Robin Holmes


Damanpreet Khaira ’26
Grace Krueger ’25

Project: Genome Analysis of a Novel Species of Bacterium in the Porphyromonadaceae Family Isolated from the Hindgut of Kyphosus sydneyanus
 Prof. Emily Wollmuth


Aubrey Brown ’25
Zachary Herold ’25

Project: NMR Analysis of Micelle Formation by Bio-Based Surfactants
 Prof. Kevin Morris


Theresa Carpentier ’24
Morgan Shetzer ’25

Project: The Development of In-Service Special Education Teachers’ Well-Being Self-Efficacy Survey and Well-Being Outcome Expectancy Survey
Mentor: Prof. Jun Wang

Exercise & Sport Science

Xinchen Liu ’26

Project: The Ballistic Step-Up Exercise: A Kinetic Analysis
 Prof. Andrew Pustina

Film & New Media

Terrell Franklin ’25

Project: Crafting Speculative Narratives: Screenwriting for the Streaming Age
 Prof. Jojin Van Winkle


Ava Beyers ’25
Josh Maraldo ’26

Project: Tracking Environmental Responses to Rapid Warning: A Satellite-Based Evaluation of Seasonal Lake Ice Cover Changes in the Russian Arctic
Mentor: Prof. Matthew Zorn


Dee Drain-Majors ’26
Ryan Heffelman ’27
Alan Kwak ’27

Project: Explorations of Inverse Problems
Mentors: Prof. Landon Gauthier


Sam Erickson ’27
Hiroki Imura ’24

Project: Virtual X-Ray Diffraction of Dislocated Crystals
 Prof. Joseph Anderson

Dawson Gaynor ’26

Project: Orientation Sensing for Electric Field Sensors for Thunderstorms
Prof. Brant Carlson

Lucas Peterson ’25

Project: Using Machine Learning Speed Up Simulation of Photon Propagation After Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes
Mentor: Prof. Brant Carlson

Alek Zavadoski ’26

Project: Aerodynamics of an Electric Field Probe Dropped into Thunderstorms
Mentor: Prof. Brant Carlson


Bradley Szubryt ’25
Adriana Respondi Trocchio ’26

Project: The Role of Incompleteness and Disgust in Predicting OCD Symptoms: An Induction Study
Prof. Sara O’Brien

Space Sciences

Juliana Alvarez ’27
Semaje Farmer ’26
Skylar Farr ’26
Reece Greenwald ’25

Project: Space Lab Project: Collective Dynamics of Bubbles in an Ultrasonic Field
Mentor: Prof. Kevin Crosby

Gabriela Carranza ’25
Logan Dales ’25
Zachary Kongable ’26

Project: Space Lab Projects: Implementation of the NASA Fiber Optic Sensing System for Model Propellant Gauging (MPG-FOSS)
Mentor: Prof. Kevin Crosby

Sikiel Graves ’25
Lil Neta ’27
Brookelyn Velmont ’27

Project: Space Lab Projects: Microgravity Ullage Detection (MUD) and NASA Universal Payload Interface Challenge (UPIC)
Mentor: Prof. Kevin Crosby

Callie Koenig ’25
John Kunath ’26

Project: Space Lab Projects: X-59 Community Overflight Planning and Embedded Teacher Program
Mentor: Prof. Kevin Crosby


Tiffany Borger ’25

Project: Voices of Dissent: Tracing the Roots and Impact of American Avant-Garde Theater of the Vietnam War Era
Mentor: Prof. Neil Scharnick

Dakota Smith ’27

Project: Verbatim Theatre Project: Religious Trauma
 Prof. Martin McClendon