Inside Hedberg Library

A photo of the interior of Hedberg Library. Hedberg Library is centrally located on the Carthage College campus. The building consists of two levels with elevator access located at the south wall of the library and near the southern entrance of the building. Restrooms are available on the lower level of the library as well as in the lobby near the southern entrance of the building on the upper level. There are three black and white printers and one color printer in the upper level, and one black and white printer in the lower level.

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  • Conference Room, HL 138
  • Center for Children’s Literature
  • Fritsch Classroom, HL 172
  • General Book Collection
  • Group Study Rooms, HL 105-109
  • Individual Study Rooms, HL 110-121
  • Library and Information Services Administrative Offices
  • Media Services, HL 166
  • Niemann Media Theatre, HL 159
  • Mullen Classroom, HL 170
  • Periodicals Collection
  • Staubitz Archives, HL 147

Mission & Values

LIS seeks to work toward the realization of the Carthage College Mission. Read the Carthage College Mission Statement


To lead the Carthage community in research, discovery, and collaboration.


The mission of Hedberg Library is to engage the Carthage Community through research services, collection curation, and active learning. The library strives to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for exploration of ideas; provide equitable access to information resources that support the research pursuits and interests of the Carthage community; and educate the community to effectively identify, evaluate, and use information in ways that promote reflection, creativity, and collaboration.

Adopted in 2018

Library and Information Services provides the information and technology resources and services needed by the College to help people learn and do their work successfully.


The overarching goal of LIS is to use the values, knowledge, and skills of its staff to support learning, confidence, achievement, and continued success for students and Carthage employees.


  • Deploy tools, resources, and facilities that support teaching and learning and the activities that support it
  • Develop knowledge, skills, interest, and motivation, both our own and those of students, faculty and staff, to utilize information resources
  • Manage data and information and facilitate its use and interpretation to provide useful knowledge
  • Provide consultation, evaluation, and refinement of the processes that facilitate the College’s mission
  • Continually evaluate and improve our own operations in light of external trends and institutional priorities

Adopted in 2009 and updated in February 2016