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Arts of Africa (FAR)

ARH 3720 / 4 credits
An introduction to the art traditions of Africa through the study of selected works. Ten thousand years of African art will be explored, up to and including the African diaspora.

Survey of Music of Sub-Saharan Africa (FAR)

MUS 3020 / 4 credits
A survey of the musics of sub-Saharan Africa (traditional and contemporary) with a focus on fundamental style concepts among cultures and tribes. Emphasis will be placed upon culture and the role it plays in musicking. In addition to assigned readings and written work, the course will include opportunities to play instruments, sing, and dance.

Women of Africa (ITL) (SI)

POL 3030 / 4 credits
The study of the countries in Africa has frequently focused on public events: colonialism, political change, war, government actions, and the formal economy. In recent years, researchers have begun to explore in more depth how women’s lives are impacted by these events, and how women in Africa are active participants in the various sectors of their societies. This course will look at life in various African countries through the eyes of women and will examine how women of Africa actively engage in and are affected by political, cultural, and economic events both domestically and internationally. Themes will include human rights issues of women, the impact of modernity and tradition on women’s lives, images of appropriate female behavior, economic hardship and survival techniques, cultural issues surrounding marriage and motherhood, and women’s participation in the public spheres of their countries.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or instructor consent

African Transitions (SI) (ITL)

POL 3040 / 4 credits
African countries and peoples have often been examined through the lenses of European and North American cultures. These analyses have sometimes been helpful and other times have resulted in inaccurate portrayals of African life and people. This course uses texts written predominantly by African authors from various parts of the continent to provide African perspectives on transitions that have occurred on the continent. These transitions include the transition from traditional life to colonial rule, the shift to independence, attempts at democratization, adaptations rural Africans make when moving to urban areas, and the clashes between Western and African cultures that continue today. Using themes of governance, community, and reference groups to examine different African cultures, the course incorporates theories and concepts from the disciplines of political science and sociology.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or instructor consent

Religion in Africa (REL) (CL) (ITL)

REL 3370 / 4 credits
An examination of the foundations of African religious thought via the indigenous religious heritage of select (sub-Saharan) African people. Special attention to the historical interaction with Christianity and Islam, and the role of religion in post-colonial African societies.
Prerequisite: REL 1000