Karthryn Cramer ?24

    Kathryn Cramer ’24

    Majors: Allied Health Science

    Minors: Psychology

    Hometown: St. Joseph, Ill.

    “The allied health science major will prepare you for your professional life. Something unique to Carthage is the jump-start experiences. These give first-year students the opportunity to learn hands-on skills that will help them later in life.”

    Abigail Davidson ?25

    Abigail Davidson ’25

    Majors: Allied Health Science

    Hometown: Ashland, Wisconsin

    “Campus involvement is so important to me, and I have made so many amazing memories in organizations here at Carthage. I hope to continue being involved while pursuing the education of my dreams.”

    Jessica Lea ’24

    Majors: Allied Health Science

    Hometown: Vernon Hills, Ill.

    “Allied health science comes with so many opportunities when you graduate. One of the first classes I took showed us all the different health care careers that we could go into, and it showed how they all worked together, which I thought was really cool.”

    Zahra Rognstad

    Zahra Rognstad ’25

    Majors: Allied Health Sciences

    Minors: Biology

    Hometown: Prentice, WI

    “The allied health science major is a diverse major with students who want to be chiropractors, PAs, athletic trainers, and more. It allows me to meet and have potential opportunities in all different fields.”

    Brett Westbrook ?27

    Brett Westbrook ’27

    Majors: Allied Health Science

    Hometown: Springfield, Illinois

    “Allied health science is a very diverse program and ultimately prepares you to be the best provider you can be in the field.”

    Line Wisely ?26

    Line Wisely ’26

    Majors: Allied Heath Science and Spanish

    Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL

    “I learned that I loved smaller class sizes and enjoyed having those closer connections with my teachers while in high school. I found that I could continue to grow those relationships here.”