Asian studies is thoroughly interdisciplinary in that it draws courses from three academic divisions and six departments to provide a broad and deep understanding of Asia.

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Interdisciplinary Introduction to Asian Studies

ASN 1000 / 4 credits
Taught by an Asian Studies faculty member, this course is to be an introductory course for all students who choose to either major or minor in Asian Studies. The course is designed to introduce the study of Asia to students with little or no background in the area. Reflecting the geographical and theoretical diversity of the Asian Studies field itself, the course is not limited to a particular part of Asia nor to a particular disciplinary approach. Rather, the course introduces students to selected exemplary Asian Studies primary materials and scholarly perspectives on them in order to open up discussion of the larger ideas and issues which concern scholars working in the Asian Studies field today.
Prerequisite: None

Senior Seminar in Asian Studies

ASN 4000 / 4 credits
The Senior Seminar is taught and directed by one member of the Asian Studies faculty, with the assistance and participation of other members. The seminar will lead the student toward the completion of the Senior Project, which will be determined by the student and the directing professor.