Shellene (Henkelmann) Rodriguez ?91

    Shellene (Henkelmann) Rodriguez

    Class Year: ’91

    Majors: Chemistry

    Current Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois


    Director of Quality at Regis Technologies, Inc.

    “Get involved in as much as you can, and learn as much as you can in as many areas of study as possible. Even if it’s not in your major of study, you will be amazed at the skills you can gain that will help you in your future career.”

    Ayo Nelson Fury ?22

    Ayo Nelson Fury

    Class Year: ’22

    Majors: Chemistry

    Current Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark


    Graduate Student at the Technical University of Denmark

    “Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and major in something totally unexpected. In high school, I struggled with chemistry. However, at Carthage, I loved it. If I didn’t major in chemistry, I don’t think I would have experienced so many amazing opportunities.”

    David Kreutz ?88, M.Ed. ?95

    Dr. David Kreutz

    Class Year: ’88, M.Ed. ’95, Ed.D ’19

    Majors: Biology and chemistry

    Current Hometown: Libertyville, Ill.


    Anatomy/Physiology Teacher at Libertyville High School

    “All of these people gave me hands-on experience that molded my path as an educator.”

    Michael Regotti ?19

    Michael Regotti

    Class Year: ’19

    Majors: Chemistry and Physics

    Current Hometown: Lockport, Illinois


    Graduate Student at the University of Oregon

    “The small class sizes and general education requirements really helped prepare my lab skills, learning skills, and, most importantly, my writing skills.” 

    Alyssa Wall

    Alyssa Wall

    Class Year: ’16

    Majors: Chemistry and Japanese

    Current Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.


    Chief Chemist at Racine Industries, Inc.

    “Take advantage of all the opportunities at Carthage in addition to earning your degree(s) because once you graduate, it’s not as easy to try new things! Most of my favorite Carthage memories and experiences come from the times I dared to go outside of my comfort zone.”