Lily Lourigan ?24

    Lily Lourigan

    Majors: Chinese

    Minors: Theatre and Music

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

    “I received the Modern Language Scholarship for Chinese. This scholarship means everything to me as I would not be attending Carthage without it.”

    Briana Parks

    Majors: Chinese and International Political Economy

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    “I received the Modern Language Scholarship to study Chinese at Carthage. Receiving this scholarship has to be one of the most memorable days of my life. I now have the chance to study Chinese at Carthage with a semester abroad in China coming up.”

    Kayla Raye

    Majors: Chinese and Sociology

    Minors: Women and Gender Studies

    Hometown: Mundelein, Illinois

    “I transferred to Carthage my sophomore year because I was looking for more support and resources. Carthage has really amazing professors and course offerings.”

    Matija Simic

    Majors: Chinese

    Minors: Business Administration

    Hometown: Naperville, Illinois

    “My favorite Carthage moment is walking into my first Chinese class and introducing myself to everyone. This moment made me feel like I finally found my place and didn’t have to worry about what others thought.”

    Laura Xiu Hung ?24

    Laura Xiu Hung

    Majors: Chinese, IPE

    Minors: Asian Studies

    Hometown: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

    “My classmates and professors make the environment fun and engaging, which really benefits my learning. Carthage professors are clearly passionate about the subjects they teach, and it’s easily reflected in the students’ learning.”