Stephanie Bradshaw ?17

    Stephanie Bradshaw

    Class Year: ’17

    Majors: Geography, Earth Science, Physics

    Current Hometown: Middleton, Wis.


    Graduate student

    “Never be afraid to do what you need to do in order to stay healthy, whether that be to dedicate time for yourself each week or to reach out to a friend, advisor, counselor, or, even, a professor. Everyone at Carthage is dedicated to your success, and your mental health needs to come first if you are to be successful.”

    Caitlyn Zarzar ?13

    Caitlyn Zarzar

    Class Year: ’13

    Majors: Geography, Earth Science

    Current Hometown: North Carolina


    Manager of STEM Theaters

    “Network and always be willing to try something new. You never know where the next opportunity will lead you.”