Carthage offers a minor in climate science. To earn a bachelor’s degree from Carthage, students must complete the Carthage Core, Distribution Requirements, their major requirements, and the climate science minor requirements listed below.

This minor is designed for students interested in pursuing careers related to the study of weather and climate phenomena. This sequence of classes provides a firm foundation needed to pursue graduate studies in meteorology, climate, and the atmospheric sciences.

Climate Science Minor

Required Courses (12 credits)
  • GEO 2550 Meteorology (4 credits)
  • GEO 3700 Climatology (4 credits)
  • PHY/GEO 4150 Science of Global Climate Change (4 credits)
Choose One (4 credits)
  • PHY 1200 Fundamental Physics (4 credits)
  • PHY 2100 Physics I (4 credits)
  • PHY 2200 General Physics I (4 credits)
Choose One (4 credits)
  • BIO 1011 Exploring Climate Change (4 credits)
  • GEO 2450 Biogeography (4 credits)

Current students: You should follow the official College Catalog from the year you entered Carthage and work with your advisors to ensure all requirements are met.