Jordan Ball ?23

    Jordan Ball

    Majors: Computer Science

    Minors: Mathematics and Data Science

    Hometown: Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

    Professor Perry Kivolowitz made me realize that studying computer science could lead me to places I never dreamed of. Working in the field of computer science led him to create a revolutionary software for visual effects that earned him not only an Academy Award, but also an Emmy Award.”

    Easton Hugh Herbon ?23

    Easton Hugh Herbon

    Majors: Computer Science

    Hometown: Antioch, Illinois

    “I feel as though I belong here and that my work here as a student is appreciated by those around me, especially the faculty.”

    Davison Krajcik ?22

    Davison Krajcik

    Majors: Computer Science (Emphasis in Game Development)

    Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin

    “My favorite spot on campus is the Esports Arena. Along with getting most of my homework done there, I also have Overwatch practice and a game development class in the space.”

    Maya Zenner

    Maya Zenner

    Majors: Computer Science, Chinese

    Hometown: Racine, Wis.

    “I chose Carthage primarily because of its size and the majors offered here. I came from a very small high school, so Carthage’s size made it a very easy transition. The smaller class sizes appealed to me as well, as I feel that I can better get my questions answered quickly. The beautiful view of Lake Michigan also helped!”