Lily Anderson

    Lily Anderson ’25

    Majors: Computer Science

    Minors: Theatre

    Hometown: Rockford, Illinois

    “Students should definitely consider computer science because it is a perfect clash of creativity and mathematics.”

    Joseph Fudali

    Joseph Fudali ’26

    Majors: Computer Science — Game Development Concentration

    Minors: Mathematics

    Hometown: Park Ridge, Ill.

    “The Carthage faculty have taught me that no matter if I’m at the top of the class or struggling with the first assignment, I can find success. Whenever I feel like giving up, I can go to them with my problems and get the help I need.”

    Ryan Heffelman ?27

    Ryan Eugene Heffelman ’27

    Majors: Computer Science, Data Science

    Minors: Mathematics

    Hometown: Olympia, WA

    “Carthage has small class sizes and unique organizations that allow me to work closely with my professors and peers, overall providing an excellent learning environment.”

    Matty Michel

    Matty Michel ’26

    Majors: Computer Science — Game Development Concentration

    Minors: Studio Art

    Hometown: West Plains, Missouri

    “The professors in the Computer Science Department have really helped me learn and understand coding and everything you can do with it. The courses are challenging but incredibly engaging, and I get a sense of accomplishment with everything I do.”

    Draven Myers

    Draven Myers ’25

    Majors: Computer Science — Game Development Concentration

    Minors: Film and New Media

    Hometown: White Heath, Illinois

    “I feel extremely lucky to have a team helping me go forward, professors caring about me and my health, and friends being so supportive.”

    Arthur Pisanko ?26

    Arthur Pisanko ’26

    Majors: Computer Science

    Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois

    “I chose Carthage because I get to explore my passions, learning both inside and outside of the classroom, while being on the beautiful lakefront.”

    Christopher Sandoval Terry

    Christopher Sandoval Terry ’24

    Majors: Computer science

    Hometown: Harker Heights, Texas

    “Computer science is very enjoyable, especially when you finally solve the problem. It gives me a sense of relief knowing I can do anything if I can do this.”

    Maya Zenner

    Maya Zenner ’25

    Majors: Computer Science, Chinese

    Hometown: Racine, Wis.

    “I chose Carthage primarily because of its size and the majors offered here. I came from a very small high school, so Carthage’s size made it a very easy transition.”