Students studying criminal justice at Carthage have many opportunities to enrich their education.


The Criminal Justice Program assists students in finding internships that will provide hands-on experience and insight into a specific career path. Students have shadowed police officers, worked in jails and prisons, assisted paralegals in law firms, and worked with judges.

Research Experience

Students who are interested in the academic side of criminal justice have the opportunity to do research with a faculty member or a local organization. For example, students may assist a Carthage criminal justice professor in compiling and analyzing data to determine the impact and success of an area agency or crime prevention program.

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Scholarships and Awards

The Criminal Justice Program at Carthage offers scholarships and awards to outstanding students. Every year, two awards are given to graduating seniors. The Outstanding Senior in Criminal Justice Award is awarded to a student who shows outstanding achievement in the field of criminal justice, and the “Crime and Society” award is awarded to a senior who demonstrates a sociological understanding of crime. The program also awards the Diskerud-Eller Scholarship to a deserving junior. Faculty nominate students for consideration for these prizes, which are awarded every spring.