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Dance motivates and inspires a broad range of students at Carthage, from those majoring in music theatre, to those studying subjects like chemistry or political science. The Carthage Dance Program embraces this robust sphere of interests and welcomes aspiring dancers looking for a chance to contribute their unique talents to a thriving dance program.


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Carthage offers a minor in dance for students who want to pursue dance in addition to their major area of study. The dance minor consists of 24 credits in technique, foundations, and complementary courses for students with varying levels of experience.

The Dance Minor

Dancers take courses in ballet, jazz, modern dance, tap, ballroom, and Pilates, as well as composition, history of dance, improvisation, and repertory. Courses are offered by the Carthage Theatre Department. The program also includes special topics courses that enhance learning experiences through specific emphasis and examination.

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Performance Opportunities

Carthage dance students have opportunities to choreograph their own dances and perform in two main stage dance productions each year, as well as participate in other theatre, campus, and community events. The Fall Dance Concert gives students the opportunity to perform faculty choreography, as well as works created by regional and national dance artists. The Spring Dance Concert includes dance works developed by students with guidance from faculty.

In recent productions, the Carthage Dance Program has introduced dancers to master works created by pioneers in the field of dance through the American Dance Legacy Initiative’s Repertory Etudes™ Instructional Collection. These main stage productions fulfill a commitment to developing versatile and well-rounded dance artists open to the possibilities for dance while taking root in its legacy.

Dance Scholarships

Scholarships are available to first-year dance minors. Scholarship awards range from $2,500 to $5,000 per year, and are renewable. Entrance auditions are not required for students who wish to minor in dance, but an audition is required for scholarship consideration and technique course placement. Apply for a dance scholarship or contact Stacy Pottinger, director of the dance minor for more information.