The Carthage Dance Program is committed to its recognition of a variety of dance traditions that have developed in the United States and beyond. Highlighted below are some unique ways the Carthage Dance Program pursues meaningful and sustainable inquiries into sharing these dance heritages with new dancers and dance audiences.


Carthage dance students can get involved in a number of student organizations dedicated to putting what’s learned in the classroom into practice. Join the Carthage Dance Team, the Carthage Swing Dance Society, and more! 

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Focused Coursework

The Carthage Dance Program and Theatre Department offer special topics courses designed to enhance learning experiences through specific emphasis and examination. For example, the featured dance topics course in 2012 introduced Carthage dancers to classic Bharatanatyam dance techniques from South India. Past courses have provided additional instruction in advanced dance techniques and have featured the stylistic influences of Bob Fosse, one of the foremost choreographers in Jazz Dance.

Topics courses allow students opportunities to study styles of dance not usually offered at Carthage while addressing specific skills that can prepare students interested in dance, theatre, musical theatre, and sports sciences for greater success in their fields of study.

“Experiences like attending the American College Dance Festival Association’s North Central Conference every year bridge the community our students have at Carthage with a larger community, which opens up a whole range of possibilities for the students,” says dance instructor Professor Stacy Pottinger.

Legacy Works

Carthage dancers have taken root in the tradition of American modern dance through Legacy Works that have been developed by dance pioneers and shared through the Dancing Legacy’s Repertory Etudes Instructional Collection. Through the inclusion of Repertory Etudes™ in past productions, Carthage dancers have learned about influential American dance artists while being introduced to early modern dance technique lineages.

Carthage dance productions have featured Pearl Primus’s energetic Bushasche Etude, the dynamic Parsons Etude by David Parsons, and Rooms Etude based on Anna Sokolow’s 1953 masterwork, Rooms. Legacy Works have proven to be challenging performance pieces for Carthage dancers and have deepened our understanding of the impact of dance in American culture.

Guest Artists

Guest artists bring a variety of new styles and approaches to the Carthage learning environment. Their time with Carthage dancers offers concentrated opportunities for artistic growth and development while bridging the academic environment nurtured at Carthage with multiple professional dance communities.

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