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What does it mean to “think like an economist”? It means using deductive reasoning and modeling to understand economic phenomena. It means learning to identify trade-offs in the context of constraints. It means critically examining data and creatively framing economic problems and policy questions in order to discover novel solutions.


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Major in economics at Carthage College

Economics at Carthage strives to teach students to think like economists, empowering them with a self-sustaining capacity to think and learn.

Economics courses at Carthage focus on understanding and analyzing the relationships and systems that underpin business, consumer, and government actions. Instead of focusing on economic theories, you’ll apply those theories to contemporary economic problems.

As you evaluate the best ways to address income inequality, set interest rates, regulate pollution, and counteract the effects of offshoring, you’ll become adept in data analysis, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking — all skills that employers increasingly demand.

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original research for Economics Majors

Economics majors create original research through the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, senior thesis, and honors thesis. Past topics include alcohol taxes, energy policies, health insurance, labor unions, and interest rate policy.

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Economics majors attend a lecture in South Africa. Beyond the Classroom

Students who major in economics often participate in the College Fed Challenge, Mock Trial, and Model United Nations. Faculty also regularly lead overseas study tours during J-Term, allowing students to see firsthand the impact of Brexit in England or the evolving economy of South Africa.

Opportunities for Economics Students


State-of-the-art Facilities

The A. W. Clausen Center for World Business is equipped with advanced technology to sharpen students’ presentation skills. Its centerpiece, the Troha Boardroom, has all the amenities of a corporate directors’ suite. Because the fields are strongly interconnected, economics faculty work with business and political science professors to prepare well-rounded students.

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FINANCIAL AID FOR Economics Majors

Carthage awards two full-tuition Business Scholarships each year to incoming students.