A major or minor in economics from Carthage can open the door to many professions. Economics students develop skills in deductive reasoning, analysis, and creative problem solving.

Possible career paths for students graduating with a degree in economics:

(This list includes careers requiring differing degrees of education and training.)

  • Banking and Financial services — Manager, Forecaster, Loan Officer, Analyst
  • Business — Financial Analyst, International Trade Specialist, Industry Analyst
  • Government — Foreign Service Officer, Budget Officer, Economic Planner
  • Human Services — Industrial Relations, Personnel Manager, Training
  • Insurance — Actuary, Benefits Analyst, Demographer, Statistician
  • Law — Attorney, Judicial Assistant, Lobbyist, Legislative Research Adviser
  • Teaching — High School Economics or Social Science Teacher
  • Continued Education — MBA, Law School, Graduate Program in Economics
Carthage Economics Department graduates have been hired at the following companies:
  • Commerce Department (economist)
  • Northwestern Mutual Life (investment analyst)
  • BETA Systems Inc./Kemper Securities (data integrity specialist)
  • Sunstone Financial Group (investment services representative)
  • State Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Solo Cup Company (forecast analyst)
  • Strong Funds (junior equities trader)

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