Samuel Croak ?22

    Samuel Croak

    Majors: Political Science and Economics

    Hometown: Crete, Illinois

    “I have formed many cordial relationships with professors both inside and outside my two departments of study. Moreover, I always feel like I can have a friendly and honest conversation with any professor I meet. The campus itself provides many opportunities to meet with faculty, both inside and outside of class.”

    Georgia Fox ?23

    Georgia Fox

    Majors: Economics and French

    Minors: Data Science and Political Science

    Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin

    “I have really amazing relationships with my professors. They care so much about my success and go to great lengths to help me achieve my goals.”

    Matthew Krzewinski 21

    Matthew Krzewinski

    Majors: Economics

    Minors: Business Administration and Spanish

    Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

    “The faculty at Carthage really want to see you succeed, and they have a lot of connections to help you after you graduate.”

    Riley Peterson

    Majors: Economics

    Minors: Political Science

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

    “To me, economics is a way to understand the real-world effects of how humans make decisions. I often find that material in my economics courses overlaps with the material in sociology and political science.”