Kathryn Boero, Master of Education graduate

    Kathryn (Lamberton) Boero

    Class Year: ’77, M.Ed. ’13

    Majors: Elementary education, Master’s of Education program

    Current Hometown: Racine, Wis.


    Primary School Head, The Prairie School, Racine, Wis.

    “I loved and continue to love the small personal learning community environment at Carthage.”

    Laura de Rosales ?20

    Laura de Rosales

    Class Year: ’20

    Majors: Exercise and Sport Science with Physical Education Concentration

    Current Hometown: Andover, Massachusetts


    Graduate Fellow for Women’s Volleyball and Graduate Student in Master’s of Exercise Science Program at Merrimack College

    “Carthage provided me a place to grow and take risks. It was a place where I had support from my friends, coaches, and professors, but I also was able to make decisions on my own. Every conversation I had, every choice I made, every consequence I had to pay, all the laughter and tears, has shaped me to be who I am today.”

    Leah Ebener

    Leah Ebener

    Class Year: ’16

    Majors: Elementary Education and Spanish

    Current Hometown: Oak Creek, Wisconsin


    Teacher for the Kenosha Unified School District, Roosevelt Elementary School

    “The faculty is so supportive and engage with students at such a personal level that those connections allowed me to continue growing outside of the classroom.”

    Andrew Fekete ?04

    Andrew Fekete

    Class Year: ’04

    Majors: Elementary Education

    Current Hometown: Huntley, Illinois


    Instructional Technology Specialist for the Indian Prairie School District 204

    “In the field of technology, there are always new tools and ‘shiny objects’ to chase. The important conversation that we have with our teachers and administration on a daily basis is that we do NOT focus on the technology. We always urge teachers to start with the learning objective that they are trying to accomplish,” and then find the right technology to assist them in accomplishing that goal efficiently and effectively.”

    Amy Goldsmith

    Amy Goldsmith

    Class Year: ’19

    Majors: Spanish and Secondary Education

    Current Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin


    Spanish Teacher at Bradford High School, Kenosha Unified School District

    “Carthage’s mission of ‘Seeking Truth, Building Strength, Inspiring Service —Together’ is essentially the epitome of what I strive for every day as a teacher. I do my best to model these values for my students with the hopes that the future generation will carry them on as well.”

    Mari Grobschmidt

    Mari (Drummer) Grobschmidt

    Class Year: ’02


    Third-grade teacher, The Prairie School, Racine, Wis.

    “I had great professors who assisted me, so I want to be able to assist others.”

    William (Bill) Haithcock ?91

    William Haithcock

    Class Year: ’91

    Majors: Elementary Education and Special Education

    Current Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin


    Chief of School Leadership for the Kenosha Unified School District

    “If given the chance to do it all over again, I would definitely attend Carthage!”

    Norma Mortimer ?70

    Norma Mortimer

    Class Year: ’70

    Majors: Music and Education

    Current Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


    Teacher at Milwaukee Marshall High School

    “I told a student recently that I would be neither the person nor the teacher I am had I gone to any other school.”

    Maren Schutz

    Maren Schutz

    Class Year: ’15

    Majors: Music Education

    Current Hometown: Fianarantsoa, Madagascar


    Volunteer teacher for ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission

    “No matter how sure, or unsure, you are of what you want to do with your life, always keep an open heart and open mind to the many incredible opportunities life has to offer.”

    Becky Steinbach

    Becky Steinbach

    Class Year: ’85

    Majors: Elementary education, learning disabled education

    Current Hometown: Racine, Wis.


    Teacher, Gifford Elementary School, Racine, Wis.
    Wisconsin PTA’s Elementary Teacher of the Year in 2011

    “The professors didn’t just teach from the book. They all had experience being teachers, so the lectures were often based on their experiences. It made the information more valuable.”