Your Path to the Classroom.

Year 1

  • Take and pass Intellectual Foundations/core courses with a grade of C or higher. 
  • Take three education foundation courses: EDU 1010, 2010, plus one more according to your major. 
  • Take a general education mathematics course and a science course. 
  • Disposition review.

Year 2

  • Successfully complete CORE basic skills tests in reading, writing, mathematics, or substitute approved alternative. 
  • Apply and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP). 
  • Disposition review. 
  • Begin clinical experiences. 

Year 3

  • Disposition review. 
  • Clinical experiences. 
  • Attend mandatory pre-student teaching meeting. 
  • Successfully complete Praxis II content area test or substitute approved alternative. 
  • Take EDU 3230 and 3230 (elementary education only) and pass the Foundations of Reading Test (FORT). 

Year 4

  • Apply for student teaching. 
  • Disposition review. 
  • Teaching candidate interview. 
  • 130 credits + graduation requirements. 
  • Student teach.

Admission into the Teacher Education Program

Only candidates who have been admitted into the Teacher Education Program (TEP) may enroll in 3000- or 4000-level education courses. To complete the program on a timely basis, a candidate should complete all requirements and be admitted into the TEP as soon as possible, usually during sophomore year. Candidates must be in the TEP for one semester BEFORE they are eligible to apply for student teaching. Transfer candidates must earn a minimum of 15 credits on this campus before they will be considered for admission to the TEP. Transfer candidates may apply, however, during their first semester on campus.

TEP Application Procedures/Requirements

  • Declare a major and a minor through the Office of the Registrar
  • Successfully complete the CORE tests for reading, writing, and mathematics, or substitute an approved alternative. 
  • Obtain an application for admission to the TEP from the Education Department. Applicants may apply at any time while in the process of completing their entrance requirements. Students should plan to enter the TEP during their sophomore year to enable enrollment in 3000-level courses.
    Note: Acceptance into the TEP is an absolute prerequisite for enrollment in 3000-level courses. No exceptions. 
  • Complete and pass a criminal background check. 
  • Documentation of satisfactory disposition reviews associated with particular education classes and clinical experience reviews must be submitted to the Education Department. 
  • TEP applicant records will be checked for a satisfactory GPA (2.75 overall GPA, which includes all schools attended as well as Carthage); completion of the foundational courses (EDU 1010, 2010), plus the appropriate third course depending upon major; and completion of Intellectual Foundation/core course with a C or better in each course. 
  • Obtain and submit three faculty recommendations. At least two should be from education faculty members.

If all TEP requirements are satisfied, candidates will be notified of admission to the TEP by email and letter.